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National Foundation for Environmental Protection in Poland
Municipal Technical Utility Works (ZTUK) branch Szczecin

Is one of few divisions formed by the National Foundation for Environmental Protection in whole Poland

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The service departments of the Foundation are occupied with activity pertaining to environmental care and protection, in the broad sense.

Ranging from rendering expertise and specialistic services in the fields of protection of soil air and waters like:

evaluations of the impact on environment,
laboratory testing,

through design work and conceptual projects:

studies of condition,
technical documentation of objects both in the municipal as well as in general construction specialisations,

project implementation,
completion of deliveries,
overall realisation,


Ecological education and running Environmental Library in Town.

The M.T.U.W. (ZTUK) in Szczecin delivers services with respect to the design, implementation and investment, based on a staff of experienced specialists and experts recognized by the chief Provincial Authorities as well as by the Ministry of Forests, natural resources and environmental protection.


During a 13 years activity period, the M.T.U.W. (ZTUK) Szczecin has realised over 400 contracts for designs of technical documentation for objects and works like:

sewage treatment plants,

waste dump areas, landfills,

sewage systems,

water pipeline systems,

cathode protection installations,

water treatment plants, l

melioration and drainage sites,

gas piping systems,

pumping stations,

evaluations of impact on environment ,

programs for managment and recycling of waste and waterwaste,

educational programs, workshops and trainings

conditional studies and many others).

PERSONNEL M.T.U.W. (ZTUK) employs 12 persons permanently and about 50 other specialists on a contractual basis

We employ highest class specialists in the fields of:

waste disposal and management;

sedimentary management;

sewage treatment and management;

water treatment and management;

corrosion protection;

architecture and construction;

ecological education and training;

social research;


programming modelling and consulting

heating and energy

Among them there are:

drainage engineers,
civil engineers,

experts specialising in:

research studies,
design work,

as well as construction teams, electricians and repair crews.

ZTUK is in constant contact with local University staff.

  Municipal Technical Utility Works in Szczecin has at its disposal a full facilities background, both with respect to proffesional computer workstations, as well as with devices for analog design,

We also have full accessability to the newest and most precise cartographic and geodethic documentation.

We have at our disposal both heavy and minor construction equipment as well as equipment for carrying out of geodethic, electrical and other works.
contact person:
  office: +48 91 4333 913

Jacek Szczypiński (english, deutsch)
mobile: +48 601 720 565

Dagobert Miluniec (english)
mobile: +48 601 720 577
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for more information call our office . tel.:+48 (91) 4 333 913 ; 4 480 404 or email us at : info@nfos.com.pl

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